Corporate Background

Since incorporation in 1993, Scanmagnetics Ltd. has enhanced the manageability of IT-systems and eased the life of IT managers. Along the way Our focus has widened to cover security solutions.

scanmagnetics - The IT Hardware Store™  for Professionals

The IT-Hardwarestore™ service concept combines unrivalled product knowledge with planning and installation support - assuring the compatibility of the new components to any existing system. The product palette includes components for building and control of an industrial or corporate IT-system. Rounding up the comparison to a our high-street equivalent, neither we carry all items of the trade, (computers, software and peripherals are not part of the offering), we do focus on complementing IT-hardware for industrial- and corporate customer's projects. The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Scanmagnetics Ltd. assures an outstanding customer care for years to come.



Communication. Control. Security. Versatility. in short: IT – and ability to act !

Providing the right, case specific system for each individual customer while maximizing the utilization of previous investments.

Whether extending the service life of PLC systems via replacing CRTs with LCDs, Combining High-end industrial input devices and latest digital extension techniques, enhancing reliability of KVM-systems, making the IT-infra manageable over network by identifying failure points and enabling an action being taken before a system damage; Scanmagnetics Ltd. has a solution ready to meet and exceed Your requirements.



When You need to know about IT, and to do something for IT

Delivery of an IT-system where phrases from our vision work in concert, creating added value over the number of components applied.

We provide IT-management and security systems and services - Creating professional, versatile working environments for IT-personnel, securing both systems and users - enabling true 24/7 operations.

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