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Indukey keyboards

InduKey, the leading industrial and medical keyboard supplier, develops and manufacturers a complete range of rugged keyboards and input devices for industrial and medical markets. InduKey offers the largest range of keyboards (with trackball, touchpad, mouse or joystick) and carefully designs each product for the demanding requirements of diverse applications such as industrial, medical, military, POI and food & beverage.

With you from the beginning, our support starts in the development phase of your new device. After a thorough consultation, we will assist you in selecting the best input technology for your special application. Then InduKey takes you into the production phase with either your key module or front panel with electronic or complete keyboard housed in your innovative customized enclosure. Specializing in complete electromechanical and electronic input devices including keyfields, controllers and different housings, we assist you from your first idea to the ready made mass production.





InduProof keyboards

Induproof keyboard family is completely sealed keyboard (water proof to IP68).  [ IP CLASSES ] Latest inclusion to successful Indukey InduProof silicone keyboard family is the InduProof3; where the footprint is more compact, a stick type mouse is included and a back-lite option has being added. The keyboard can be used at medical applications, like the separate full size InduProof2/InduMouse types, thanks to the full desinfection proof silicone material used at the surface.

The material has the temperature range from +90 to -40 C, which rounds up the reach of this superior product. Excellent soft key feeling is reached thru elevated keys. Induproof family includes additionally a full size keyboard with thumb-mouse (InduProof I), a separate full size keyboard and a separate mouse (InduProofII and InduMouse).

Indukey's latest weapon in fighting Hospital Bacteria's is the InduProof MED keyboard with antimicrobial surface and IP68 classification. The new feature is the applied antimicrobial agent on the silicone, that fights actively any bacteria trying to take a hold on the keyboard surface. Also available InduMouse MED, optical IP68 Mouse with antimicrobial surface.

Induproof ADVANCED Integrated pointing device, Power button, soft but still tactile feeling on writing, all enclosed into a IP68 silicone casing.




TKS 105/088 Foil keyboards

The comprehensive range of industrial short travel keyboards offers exceptional reliability for the industrial use. InduKey keyboards and input devices have been designed and manufactured to withstand the demands of heavy industrial cleaning, up to IP68 standard, a must in today's industry.

These short travel keys provide an excellent tactile feedback for the user. All InduKey short travel keyboards use high quality OMRON mechanical switches on a reinforced PCB which also contains the keyboard controller. A 3mm thick aluminium plate is placed over the top and will protect the keys and PCB from any heavy impact. The 150 µm thick Autotex polyester frontsheet is wear and tear resistant as the legends are printed on the underside and is also resistant to most industrial chemicals.

The keyboards are available in desktop, 19 inch rack-mount or panel mount versions. Our short travel keyboards are sealed up to IP65 specification and are available with trackball, IP68 optical trackball, touchpad or joystick.  [ IP CLASSES ] The keyboards have USB connectivity as well as PS/2. All InduKey keyboards can be semi or fully customised. Other language layouts are also available.

A new feature to the TKS series keyboards is the key/chip card reader functionality.

The outstanding feature of the foil covered InduMedical keyboard is the antimicrobial surface. The foil avoids the growth and extension of bacteria, viruses and mildew (z.B. MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus faecalis). Additionally the foil avoids the contamination of the user. The protection is ensured by application of an active reacting and special treated front foil (Microban®-technology).

The keyboard was developed especially for medical, pharmaceutical and other hygiene-sensitive applications like food industry. InduMedicalTM can be recommended especially for use in industries, where the manufacturing process had to work according to the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and critical Point-System).




InduSteel & InduDur -keyboards

InduSteel Metal keyboard family includes a full size InduSteelI with Function keys ans a 25mm Trackball or a TouchPad. InduproofII has larger 38mm metal trackball with vandal proof setting and for automate use the problematic function keys are left away from the layout. Keyboard is available with both connector types, with diverse language layouts and custom frontplate desingns and logo inclusion is also possible.

InduSteel3 keyboard integrates a steel keyboard, trackball with 38mm metal ball, and a full size numpad, all under single sleek stainless steel frontplate.

NEW !  InduDur keyboard is the first vandal proof keyboard with carbon fiber front plate, which gives all new possibilities for designers of kiosks and public access points.




TKF Foil/aluminium KB's

The InduStyle keys and PCB are mounted in precision milled solid aluminium base. By using gold-on-gold dome switches with the milled aluminium base, InduKey has developed one of the most ruggedised and slim industrial keyboards. The gold-on-gold dome switches guarantee a good tactile feedback and have a lifetime of more than 2 million operations per key.

The wear and tear and chemical resistant polyester frontsheet is sealed against the aluminium base to IP65 standards. As the frontsheet is mounted flush, the InduStyle is easy to wipe clean. With its compact footprint, the InduStyle is also ideal for use in 1U 19" keyboard drawers. At only 15,5 mm in thickness, the InduStyle is the perfect solution for space limited applications.

The InduStyle is available as keyboard only or with an integrated capacitive touchpad. Interface options are PS/2 or USB. InduKey also offers language layout options as well as full customisation of the frontsheet.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 InduStyle -brochure
 TKF Foil -brochure




TKG Silicon /Alu KB's

Indukeys classic product, a silicone mat shich is placed behind a aluminium frontplate provides a precise writing experience, and a IP65 protection level at once. [ IP CLASSES ] Popular at industrial applications, and recently added version with metal painted silver keys also has brought interest from info terminal builders.

Product is available as modular surface fitted model, as well as enclosed into plastic or metal casing.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 InduSilicone TKG-083 -family brochure




Surface mountable mouses and keypads

As part of the product offering a separate line of mouses ( track balls and touch pads), are available.

Models are done in both foil and silicone mat technologies.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 TKS Numpad mouse brochure
 TKH-TB trackball brochure




Custom keyboards

InduCustom is a "turn key" -solution for all your needs when it comes to customized industrial data input devices. Indukey has an own development team supporting You from the scratch in design, prototyping and manufacturing. Your need might be a specific color palette being applied into one of Our standard products or a creation of Your own application-specific device. Indukey and Scanmagnetics are ready to answer into Your needs and deliver an excellent service based into the long partnership between the companies.

InduPrint is a new digital printing technology, allowing unique design for your membrane keyboard. InduPrint ensures fast, high quality printing of polyester front foils for industrial and IP rated keyboards with any design or image of your choice, from company logo to full color photos. This process allows the use of different color modes (RGB, CMYK, RAL, HKS, Pantone) and displays a full spectrum of the colors.

Make your keyboards personal - Your logo, shapes of corporate identity and photos for the keyboard surface.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 InduCustom brochure


Indukey Product Information

Adobe.pdf files available:
 Indukey Cataloque 2010 (10 MB)
 Indukey Full Cataloque 2008 (13MB)
 Indukey Medical App. -brochure
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