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Opticis Co., Ltd. is based in South Korea, and specialized in design and manufacturing of cost effective fiber-optic digital link products, high quality in view of both reliability and performance. With much legacy experiences in the design and manufacturing of VCSELs and associated applications, Opticis aims to be the world's leading provider in high-speed fiber-optic link solutions such as digital graphic extension, serial data interface and interconnection, and datacomm transceivers.

As the high-speed digital interfaces prevail in PC and Audio & Video industry, the connectivity issue becomes more critical in terms of high-speed and long extension, since the copper cables can hardly link longer than several meters.

In such a niche, Opticis has been implementing the high-speed interface standards such as the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) for PC graphic industry and the state-of-the art High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) for digital TV industry, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) for PC peripherals, and the IEEE1394 (FireWire) for digital appliance interconnection into their optical links. In addition, Opticis has been successfully supplying the multi Gigabit VCSEL transceivers for datacomm, including SC, LC connection styles and SFF Pluggable as well as parallel transceivers for many years.

Opticis manufactures as well Digital signage (Multi interface) extenders, video selectors and distributors, signal generators and patch cables. Info Here.





Firewire/USB/Digital Signage extenders

The S800 Optical FireWire Repeaters (M4-200 and M4-201) offer 500m (1,640feet) extension over the limits of copper wire extension, 4.5m (15feet) without any distribution amplifiers or repeaters. The basic model, M4-200 consists of a pair of two repeaters, having one-optical and two-electrical ports. Additionally, between two, multiple installation of M4-201, having two-optical and one-electrical ports provides a long fiber-optic extension of additional 1394 devices. The M4-201, giving connection of a 1394 device is capable of two-way fiber connection in forward and backward directions, which eventually makes a daisy chain with each repeater of M4-200 at both ends. Duplex multi-mode glass of fiber (MM GOF) cables with LC connectors makes fiber connection between repeaters.

Digital Signage/Multi interface extender In many cases, extension of digital video companies with audio or control signals. Typical protocols of the control signals are RS 232, 422 and 485, and for interfacing with the PC peripherals, the USB is dominantly applied. At least, two or four fibers extension is required to implement fiber-optic extension of only such serial interfaces. Increasing fiber connection leads more complexity for connection. Here, keeping one cable of two fibers as a connection, Opticis multi-interface extenders can transmit various kinds of signals such as DVI/HDMI, USB and serial control data (RS232C) in using multiplexing and de-multiplexing those protocols. Available in Optical M5-2A2 and CATx M5-2C2 -versions.

M2 Optical USB extension cables extends Your USB devices in compliance with USB1.1 (full speed) up to 45 meter (150 feet) without any intermediate repeater. It has an upstream module and a downstream module, each of which has an Optic-to Electric (O-E) converter and an E-O inside. A bundled cable is connected between each of an end of two modules and at the other end of them is an USB connector connected, respectively.





HDMI/DVI Fiber extensions

DVFX-110 extender and OPS Optical passive splitter makes building of infoscreen systems fast and easy. Fully Optical solution combines HiQuality image ( WUXGA 1920 x 1200 ) to HiQ transfer ( Fiber is immune to EM-fields from high voltage lines ) and Flexibility, distances < 1 km are reached while unit itself is only a bit larger than DVI connector ( 39mm x 68mm x 15mm ). DVFX-110 is able to use both Multimode fiber ( < 500m) as well as Singlemode fiber ( < 1000m), so existing fiber lines are easy to be utilized.

The reality of high-speed digital graphic inter-connections mandates products to maintain video quality and cost effectiveness of integrated display systems. Optical technology for gigabit digital transmission makes it simple to extend digital graphic data above the extension limits of copper wires providing pure signal integrity for an ideal visual experience, no EMI/RFI emissions, light weight, rugged cabling and connectors, low power consumption and installation ease.

♦ Home Theatre Systems.
♦ Digital FPD, PDP and projector installation in conference rooms, auditoriums and for kiosk systems.
♦ Digital display system integration for medical, military, aerospace, factory automation, and traffic control platforms.
♦ LED signboards for large scale information display and stadiums.

Fixed length extender cables /HDMI

Fiber-optic interconnection of digital audio/video HDTV data, complying with HDMI enables long-distance transmission of crystal clear quality data of integrated HDTV systems. The HDMI is an industry standard of digital audio/video transmission protocol, supporting TMDS (Transit Minimized Differential Signal) graphic transmission and implementing DDC (Display Data Control) for CPU to identify displays and fulfill encryption/decryption for HDCP (High Definition Contents Protection). M1-2000 is a Point to Point hybrid HDMI cable with four multi-mode fibers for Video/Audio transmission and copper wires for DDC/HDCP and DC power.

Fixed length extender cables /DVI

Opticis´s; fixed DVI extender cables offers easy and economical way to relocate screen using DVI video connection. Extension of the DVi signal is used in digital signage and other information solutions in shopping malls or factory floors, extender´s fiber-only connection also provides electrical immunity between the computer and display.

The Express M1-1000 is the revised model of the M1-100, all-fiber DVI cables. It a compact connector with active opto-electronic components inside and easy to be directly plugged to the most of the monitors and PC cards. The bandwidth of each channel is 1.65Gbps, transferable WUXGA (1,920x1,200) graphic data at 60Hz refresh rate. Fiber-optic technology is applied to 4 channels graphic data transmission and 3 channels DDC interconnection, which enables extension up to the limitation of multimode glass fibers modal bandwidth, 500 meter.





DVI/HDMI matrix, Generators, options

To complete a full product offering in the field of fiber optical products, Opticis manufacturers as well GBIC fiber optical sender and receiver units for integration to networking and other IT-applications.

DVI matrix and HDMI/DVI Distributor and selector's are available as follows: Distributors 1:2, 1:5,3:10 for DVI, HDMI, HDCP; Selectors 2:1, 4:2, 3:1 for HDMI; sek Multi Selector (Matrix Switch), 4:4, 6:6, 8:8, 9:9, 18:18 and 36:36 for DVI, HDMI.

Digital signal generator ODSG-01 is designed to offer various different video signals, test patterns, stored image files and audio to test easily and accurately if you are installing or testing HD equipment such as digital or analog computer monitors, video projectors and multi-media monitors. ODSG-01 provides the convenience of small size and easy control for field technicians and factory people. ODSG-01 enables to output not only digital video signal such as DVI/HDMI, component Y/Pb/Pr but also analog video signals - RGB, S-video and CVBS. ODSG-01 makes it easy to support all kinds of displays like projectors, PDP, Project and LCD displays. The Opticis Multimedia Generator offers various advanced features. It provides widely used test patterns in SD and HD formats. It complies with DDC2B and HDCP. It offers media display functions to play stored video and audio files from embedded HDD. Most of all, Opticis Multimedia Generator, ODSG-01 is handheld, cost effective and is a useful tool that allows pro A/V integrator to test and calibrate video equipments and displays.

HDMI/DVI to HDSDI/SDI converter ODSG-01-HS converts high resolution HDMI or DVI sources to a SMPTE standard HD or HD-SDI signal for broadcasting on air or integrating into a professional video production system. The resolutions up to 1080p or UXGA (1,600x1200) are supported over the HDSDI link. HDMI or DVI devices are connected to the HDMI or DVI input and HDSDI/SDI devices are connected to the SDI output. When the source, display and the converter are powered and connected, video signals are converted to the proper format.

Optical Patch Cords; All fibers are described by their core and cladding diameters. Thus, 62.5/125 m multimode fiber has a core size of 62.5 micrometers (m) and a cladding diameter of 125 m. Alternative for longer distance is a 50/125 m multi-mode fiber. Single-mode fiber's core and cladding diameters, 9/125 m consist of core size of 9 micrometers (m) and a cladding diameter of 125 m.
Multi-mode optical patch cord with LC connector is mostly used for Opticis products and supports up to 500 meters with WUXGA(1,920x1,200). Optical MM LC breakout cable is strong enough to be assured under harsh environmental condition. Basically it is several simplex fibers packaged individually inside one jacket to protect the exterior pressure and each fiber is individually reinforced with sub unit jacket. Optical SM SC/LC duplex patch cord; Single-mode optical fiber with SC/LC connector supports up to 10 Km with WUXGA(1,920x1,200) at Opticis products.

We carry also a full family of MIL/NATO Fiber cables and accessories for the deployment and storage.




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