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For over 15 years we have designed and manufactured our Sinetica branded product portfolio, forging along the way strategic partnerships with major global specialist technology manufacturers to complement our core solutions. In doing so, we have harnessed the power of Information and Communication Technologies and transformed entire industries, simplifying the management of clients’ networks, enhancing the visibility of the data centre environment and enabling informed decisions to be made.

Power management Corporate data centers are well known as significant power users, with a large sized data centre consuming similar amounts of power to an average sized town. As data centers today generate more heat output and often suffer from inadequate cooling, the need to operate efficiently and cost effectively against infrastructure and power constraints is increasing.

The greater capacity required leads to greater impact on ensuring continuity of supply. Add to this, the escalating cost of energy, and the requirement for management information and control becomes evermore critical.

We provide a range of standard and custom intelligent, retrofit and 'non-invasive' power capabilities for both new and existing builds specified for power monitoring only or a combination of power monitoring with individual outlet control. Defined upper and lower thresholds allow the client to differentiate between warning and critical status, generating various alarms and alerts, with appropriate escalation paths.

Aggregation of configuration information across data centre equipment, for intelligent monitoring and alarm processing, provides ‘real time’ identification of changes, scheduled polling and the ability to capture detailed data to produce highly sophisticated and graphical management information reports, enabling clients to perform trend analysis and risk management for mission critical services.

Status information can be gathered either locally or remotely via secure authenticated IP access (LDAP) monitoring RMS volts, amps, kVA, kWh, power factor and frequency. Detailed values and management information across device location, power and cooling, network connectivity, asset application and customer information enable us to present analysis on current and historical trending. This trend analysis can be further utilized to help CIO’s make informed decisions on capacity planning, risk analysis, performance benchmarking and policing service level agreements.

Environmental monitoring The data centre is a highly dynamic environment, with power consumption and environmental variables constantly changing. We understand that a high degree of flexibility is essential for fulfilling the extremely varied requirements of integrating and monitoring devices within complex environments. As a result, hardware and software solutions have been developed to meet the IT industry requirement for ‘real time’ monitoring.

Our ability to measure, alert, store and report using our highly accurate data, enables us to offer many value added integration capabilities into clients’ existing and planned Data Centre Management and Network Management System (NMS) platforms, through to reporting applications such as Crystal Reports and Business Objects, with a further integration capability into Infrastructure Management solutions such as ITRACS Corporation and RIT Technologies.

One of the benefits of installing such a solution with our integrated technologies is the client’s ability to produce highly sophisticated detailed management information reports utilizing industry standard protocols and database platforms, which enable our clients to perform data centre capacity planning, trend analysis and risk management for mission critical services.

Rigorous data centre capacity planning and management are critical in serving today’s enterprises. By providing integrated threshold monitoring and early warning alerting on power, humidity, temperature and other variables at both cabinet and room level, Unite is able to help clients understand the interdependencies between power, rack space and cooling within the data centre environment, including past trends. In order to predict computer resources, Unite provides assistance to the client in measuring current loads, testing for anticipated loads, and gathering usage trends over time to predict the possible need for expansion. Using our ability to integrate into the various Network Management System (NMS) platforms we are also able to show the same interdependencies that exist for space.

In optimizing physical layer capacity management, we use our capability of 'real time' monitoring to capture detailed data and both document and graphically represent the current state of clients’ infrastructure, giving a complete picture and baseline of the type, location and connection of equipment.

By providing highly accurate ongoing data collection, clients are able to perform data centre trend analysis by tracking historical trends of power and cooling utilization over a period of time. The information can be used in producing short, medium, and long term forecasts for future planning.





Hawk-i/Eagle-i -monitoring Environment

To help deliver high availability networks and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss, our integrated local and remote monitoring capabilities allow for the earliest possible warning of issues by alerting and collecting data on all variables at cabinet, room and zone level, providing the interface between the monitoring hardware and network. As part of our environmental management solution, we measure both temperature and humidity over the network to monitor the environmental conditions of the data centre and provide ‘real time’ and polled data capture of other critical data centre physical infrastructure parameters such as power, temperature and humidity, door access, fire, smoke, shock, light and water.

The rack environment presents a unique challenge to network managers, as environmental disturbances and fluctuations can be quicker to develop and impact on computer equipment within a confined space.


The primary aim of the Hawk-i³ product is to produce a cost effective monitoring and control solution for power, environmental and physical access control parameters using a single IP address. It is an SNMP agent optimized for rack management, ideal for per cabinet or per two cabinet installations, allowing up to 4 power strip channels, 6 input channels, 2 output channels and 2 access control channels.

Features and Benefits

♦ SNMP agent specifically aimed and optimized for rack management, where all I/O and control functions may be monitored and controlled through the SNMP protocol.
♦ Supplied as 1U, 19” rack mountable unit.
♦ Dual mains power supply fitted as standard.

Hawk-i³ supports a maximum of four monitor/control power strips, supporting both RS232 and RS485 serial port communication protocols, which will monitor volts, amps, kVA, kWh, power factor and frequency from the power strip.

Further to this, the Hawk-i³ supports two serial keypads, or smart card readers, to control access to the cabinets via solenoid or motorized activated door locks, one external LCD display unit and six sensor inputs, which may be any combination of temperature, humidity, voltage free contact sensor and 0-10VDC analogue input voltage.

The Hawk-i³ also supports an intuitive web based graphical user interface, eliminating the need for complex serial setup processes. The web server within the unit supports HTTP/HTTPS network protocols, allowing the user to securely configure, monitor and control the Hawk-i³ via a username and password access control system.


Eagle-i² is a network attached expandable SNMP agent -device, designed to provide room or multi rack level power, environmental monitoring and physical access control, using a single IP address. Eagle-i² allows up to 24 power strip channels, 96 input channels, 24 output channels and 8 access control channels.

The exciting development to this product is the ability to extend the functionality of the base unit by adding external expansion devices, allowing a further increase in the supported number of sensor inputs, power monitoring inputs and controlled relay outputs, allowing greater flexibility.

Features and Benefits

♦ 1U 19” rack mountable unit
♦ Dual mains feed with dual built in power supplies
♦ 6 x power strips, monitoring amps, volts, kVA, kWh, power factor and Hz
♦ 12 x input sensor channels; temp., humidity, voltage free contact and 0-10VDC analogue input.
♦ 2 x Sinetica serial keypads / smart card readers or two external expansion units.
♦ 2 x normally open / normally closed relay contacts with a 240VAC voltage switching contact rating
♦ 2 x normally open / normally closed relay contacts with a low voltage switching 50VDC/AC contact rating
♦ 1 x 12VDC output @ 500mA power supply for solenoid door lock activation.

Alarms can be used to trigger SNMP traps, e-mail messages, or SYSLOG events. The overall system is controlled and monitored over a TCP/IP, 10/100Mbps Ethernet network with network access provided through SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS and Telnet.

The Eagle-i also supports external expansion units:

♦ Power Monitoring Hub allows port expansion without consuming further network ports. This device supports up to 18 Sinetica power devices, including our intelligent power strips, CL-Amp, In-Line Unit or Multi-device Hubs. When used with the Eagle-i, a total of up to 24 power monitoring devices can be connected.

♦ Multi-device Hub allows port expansion without consuming further network ports. This allows connection of up to 2 Sinetica power monitoring devices, including our intelligent power strips, CL-Amp or In-Line Units, 3 environmental and security monitoring sensors, full control of two electronic door handles, support for two keypads or proximity readers and support for the external LCD display.

When an Eagle-i and the above expansion hubs are used together, up to 12 dual fed cabinets can be fully monitored and controlled from a single IP address.


Adobe.pdf files available:
 Hawk-i³ brochure
 Eagle-i² brochure




Power Hawk, CL-amp, Intelligent PDU's

A wide range of our standard and custom intelligent, retrofit and ‘non-invasive’ power capabilities are a prime solution for both new and existing builds. The range of intelligent remote power management solutions incorporate both monitored and controlled power strips, dual in-line units and our non-invasive solution, which allows the ‘non-invasive’ measurement of RMS Amps through the CL-Amp.


The major new product innovation is the development of a 'non-invasive' retro-fit power monitoring device, which enables the ‘non-invasive’ real-time monitoring of current for any device or power strip, rated up to 32A. An open fork in the CL-Amp enables it to be placed directly over a power cable, with a choice of locking-ring collars provided to suit most international 13A, 16A and 32A cable sizes. The cable is retained between the two halves of the locking ring in a neat ‘twist and lock’ -action and monitors the power externally via an LED display. This provides the legacy data centre user with the benefit of monitoring and control without the risk and cost associated with scheduled power downtime.

Highly robust, the CL-Amp conforms to international electrical and EMC standards, and is a cost efficient means of 'non-invasively' monitoring power locally and remotely, via one of Sinetica branded products, without the need to schedule power downtime.

The CL-Amp increases visibility of power demand, providing greater control in the ability to identify available capacity, make informed decisions, calculate ‘what-if’ scenarios, perform risk analysis and drive down costs, thereby greatly improving the drive for energy efficiency. Additionally, optional software enables polling and data capture, providing detailed management information and reports for capacity planning and trend analysis.

CL-Amp KIT The ‘out of box’ CL-Amp KIT brings provides ‘non-invasive’, real-time current monitoring functionality to typical non-intelligent data centre power supply feeds rated up to 32A and can be used to bring monitoring functionality to non-intelligent power strips.

Cl-Amp Kit adds the ability to monitor environmental temperature/humidity via the included PowerHawk2 device, which polls the CL-Amp and sensors at configurable intervals and captures the associated current and temperature/humidity data readings.

‘Out of Box’ Kit -solution consists of:

♦ 2 x CL-Amp devices.
♦ 2 x sets of cable collars (for 8mm-18mm cables).
♦ 1 x PowerHawk2.
♦ 1 x Temperature sensor.
♦ 1 x spare sensor port, i.e. humidity or temperature. The additional sensor can be retrofit at any time.
♦ 1 x CD copy of Env-U, a client based application.
♦ 1 x set of 2m interconnecting patch cables from the CL-Amp to the PowerHawk2.
♦ 1 x Instruction manual.

A simple client software application, known as Env-U, included as part of the ‘out of box’ solution, then polls the PowerHawk², capturing the data to provide both a live and historical view of the parameters monitored, in addition to providing simple trending information and enabling the basic creation of management reports

Power hawk

PowerHawk² is a cost effective monitoring solution, designed to provide single rack level power and environmental monitoring, using a single IP address. Its development is largely based on the Hawk-i family of products, but has been designed with simplicity in mind, without the complexity of mass input and output channels that may be excessive for single cabinet installations. The underlying technology and functionality however, has remained the same.

Features and Benefits

♦ Features and Benefits
♦ An SNMP agent optimized for rack management.
♦ Ideal for single cabinet installations.
♦ Allows up to two power strips, monitoring, volts, amps, kVA, kWh, power factor and frequency, with the option of supporting a maximum of 24 switched outlets per strip. Alternatively two CL-Amps can be monitored.
♦ Allows up to two auto sense analogue input channels per cabinet, (combination of temperature, humidity, analogue voltage or open/close contact probes.
♦ An easy to use web interface for configuration and monitoring attached sensors and power strips.

The PowerHawk² supports standard network communication protocols TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, TFTP, SNTP, HTTP, HTTPS and SNMP V1 / V2.1C. All units are shipped with a predefined IP address and mask, which must be used to access the unit for configuration, allowing the user to setup any IP address values for the unit through an HTTP/HTTPS web interface.

The PowerHawk² allows up to 5 SNMP Network Management Station (NMS) addresses to access the unit. Alarm conditions will generate trap messages, which can be directed to a maximum of 10 specified management stations. SMTP alarm trap thresholds may be set on any of the input measured parameters, i.e. volts, amps, kVA, kWh, temperature, humidity and switch states.

IPUs - Intelligent Power Strips and Controllers

Accurately measuring critical power and energy information in real time, our range of power strips monitor volts, amps, kVA, kWh, power factor and frequency. The data is displayed locally via a 16 character x 2 row digital LCD whereby the information enables the individual electrical supply phases to be correctly balanced, helping prevent infrastructure failure.

There are three different main types of power management systems;

♦ Monitored Only Power Strips ‘Non-invasive’ real-time local and remote monitoring of non-intelligent power strips, rated up to 32A, via the CL-Amp.

♦ Monitored and Controlled Power Strips As per the above including: Optional remote power cycling of up to a maximum of 24 individual outlets. Sequential power-up protects against current in-rush and Security for outlet switching provided by password protection. Combine with PowerHawk², Hawk-i², Hawk-i³, Eagle-i for network SNMP or web based control.

♦ In-Line Units Specifically designed for devices requiring one or more direct power feeds.

♦ Three Phase In-Line units provide 3 serial feeds.
♦ Each phase is measured independently, with Single or dual feed.
♦ 1U, 2U or 3U 19”, ETSI horizontal rack mounting.
♦ Available in 16 and 32 Amp Single Phase and 64 Amp Three Phase options.
♦ Rated voltage at 230V, Single Phase or 415V, AC nominal Three Phase.
♦ Rated current up to 32A, Single Phase or up to 64A, Three Phase.
♦ Rated frequency of 48 Hz to 62 Hz.
♦ Local LCD and remote monitoring of volts, amps, kVA and kWh.
♦ 0 to +45 degrees Celsius operating temperature.






A number of different sensors are available to round a functional monitoring system up.

• Door contact
• Schock sensor
• Water sensor; Smoke sensor
• Infrared sensor
• Keypad or mag.card reader for access control
• T/H Temperature/Humidity sensor; Temp. sensor
• UPS connecting cable (UPSn control over SNMP)
• Intelligent power strips W/Cut off funct.
• A freely programmable relay contact programming and control; A/C, Generators, etc.


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 Sensors brochure


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