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We provide technical furniture and organization systems as well as control consoles and housing & hosting solutions for environments such as Call and Data Centers, Networking-, IT rooms, ISP, ASP, Hosting, Co-Location, NOC's and Test Labs. The latest ISO certificate 9001:2000 guarantees the quality in the design, development, manufacturing, installation and after sales service. Quality and environment is our commitment to a guarantee for the future.





Advantis Control Room -furniture

When a flexible, modern, stylish and efficient console furniture is required, the choices become few, Gesab Advantis. This CallCenter furniture system is designed to meet the current and future needs of a networked work place; cabling, system cabinets, LCD-mounting and electrics are ready at the right places.

The Advantis system has many faces; from a CallCenter to IT-systems room, offices to meeting rooms and Control centers, where it can also be used for building of complete videowalls. Advantis combines modern aluminium and glass, allowing also the corporate identity tailoring; colors, backlit logos etc., are easily applied thru interchangeable tailoring elements.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 Advantis NewGen. brochure




TecnoLan as Technical IT -furniture

TecnoLan offers solutions from mid to large scale IT installations. In recent times the TecnoLan system has stepped outside the computer room use into offices and factory floors, offering stable and easily modifiable solutions for a multitude of uses.

A major step into future is the incorporation of the LCD panel handling into the TecnoLan product range. As the system is originally designed for shelved systems, the combination of panelmount and shelfs is natural from the start.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 TecnoLan cataloque




TecnoLan as Control Room -furniture

While The Advantis console system meets the requirements of a design furniture system, The TecnoLan NTF console system is best suited into industrial control rooms, where the functionality requirements are balanced with the budgetary realities.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 TecnoLan NTF Brochure




TecnoLan Gallery

Designs created by using TecnoLan furniture system.





ADN+ / TecnoWork

ADN+ is a Control Room / Trading Room -table, with safety lights at the worksurface corners; fully enclosed cabling and connectors for electrical and communications systems. The ADN+ includes also personal technical area combined with stabile steel skeleton. At the design the operators movements and viewing angles have being payed extra attention to. ADN+ is designed to be used only with panel displays so the screen deployment is as flexible as possible.

The light edition of TecnoLan, TecnoWork, offers a less massive combination of shelf units and open desktop areas, best suited to furnish small workplaces, ITrooms, printer farms etc.

TecnoWork is designed as add-on part for various TecnoLan configurations, sharing parts with the full scale cousin.

Adobe.pdf files available:
 ADN+ system brochure
 TecnoLan/Tecnowork Flyer


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