RGB to DVI/VGA converters

RGB to DVI converters

The performance of a CRT monitor is determined by two main parameters: the signal type - VGA, RGB, FBAS, SVHS, ... and the synchronization frequencies - HSYNC and VSYNC.

To display an RGB signal, standard VGA-screens need Red, Green and Blue as analogue signals at 0.7Vpp and synchronization signals as TTL-signals in a range for HSYNC of 30kHz up to more than 100kHz and for VSYNC of 50Hz up to more than 120Hz.

The use of TFT-Monitors with RGB signals can be difficult: these monitors digitize the incoming video signals and display the result. To do this, the monitor needs to be given the exact count of pixels per line and the phase of the pixels. Note: many flat screens only operate with the so-called VESA resolutions. Screens may not necessarily recognize the resolution at the output of the RGB to VGA converter. Please contact your screen manufacturer, to determine whether the display is able to show the generated resolution/sync-frequency.

Many RGB-sources were manufactured several years ago and use SYNC-frequencies (often HSYNC = 15,625kHz, VSYNC = 50Hz), which are uncommon now. A modern Standard VGA screen will not be able to display these signals because the HSYNC-frequency is below the lowest frequency to be displayed (app. 30KHz).

The use of RGBtoVGA /DVI converters frees up space, and creates more ergonomic workplaces by allowing the replacement of old RGB CRT's with a modern LCD flat screens.





RGB to DVi/VGA -converter

Scanmagnetics's S-RDC-4 RGB converter combines the traditional RGB input with extension of CGA/EGA/MDA (TTL to DVi) -signal types into it. Conversion follows into both RGB to DVi and RGB to VGA -directions. Also the user defined signal type adjustment options are developed to include color filters and larger standard signaltype support is also in standard firmware. In basic use the RGBtoDVi converter allows replacing the old CRT screens of industrial PLC and monitoring/imaging -equipment with modern LCD panels.

The device digitizes the incoming video signals and stores them in an internal video memory. From there they are displayed in a compatible, user selectable, format: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024, with 75Hz or 60Hz refresh rate. Before displaying, the picture can be stretched to fit to the screen size; 1:1 with frames; fully fitting to the screen size; fitting one dimension with the other scaled appropriately; or at a fixed 2:1 stretch factor.


Adobe.pdf files available:
 RGB to DVI/VGA converter (S-RDC-4)


Product Support Information

Adobe.pdf files available:
 RGBtoDVi Converter / Quick set up guide (Pdf)
 RGBtoDVi Converter / Full User manual (Pdf)

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