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RDC - RGB to DVi ( EGA,CGA,VGA,RGB,-s,-HV) converter resources

The latest S-RDC-4 version of RGB converter allows the Video source details; (resolution, video timing, Sync data) to be read directly from the source system. This comes handy as in many, especially older PLC systems, a variety of videomodes have being used. Altough during years we have embedded a great number of standard type videosources (Siemens Simatic, ABB Tessalator etc, to name few), thera are still many systems / and system variations, where this kind of support is not being created. Additionally a CGA/EGA/VGA support has being inserted to standard features. Below you will find an user manual and a software for the source code reading.

 RGBtoDVi Converter / Quick set up guide (Pdf)
 RGBtoDVi Converter / Full User manual (Pdf)



Gesab control room furniture, control room tables

Acquiring a control room furniture system is a large investment, that should be considered and planned with time. We have collected here some technical details about our table systems, as well as installation manuals, which allow an evaluation of a project timing be carried out well in advance before actual installation taking place.

 TecnoLan / Structural info
 TecnoLan / Technical information
 TecnoLan / Assembly manual
 Advantis / Structural info
 Advantis / Technical information
 Advantis / Assembly manual
 Monitor arms, screen supports



Icron WiRanger wireless USB extender

Icron´s WiRanger, a wireless USB extender, allows free placement of USB peripherals within ca. 30 meters away from the computer. This enables the best logistical location for each system within office or home surroundings.

 WiRanger / User manual (Pdf)



Icron Wired USB extension products

When USB connection needs to be transferred into another room in commercial or industrial usage, Icron has matching solution available. Basic office extension can easily be made by using inexpensive CAT5 wiring, or when electromagnetical fields ( strong electric current etc.) is present, the Fiber optical extenders become handy.

 USBrover 200 / Fiber / User manual (USB 1.1)
 USBranger 2204 / CATx / User manual
 USBranger 2212 / CATx Remote Pwr/ User manual
 USBranger 2224 / Fiber MM / User manual
 USBranger 2244 / Fiber SM / User manual



NLS RFT2 Rack Terminal Resources

NLS Displays new RFT2 terminal tray allows a KVM control position in 1U height be inserted to any 19" rack, case etc. As all NLS products, RFT2 is being developed to meet and exceed US military standards, and as such, these units are widely deployed as part of Mil. infrastructure.

 RFT2 Rackterminal tray / Measurement drawing (Pdf)
 RFT2 Rackterminal tray / Full User manual (Pdf)


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