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Icron Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of USB extension products. Specializing into this extremely quickly expanding market niche has made the company a de facto market leader in innovation for USB extender applications. Icron concentrates into allowing users to combine the industry standard connectivity and free locating of the peripherals within the offices or factory floors.

Against increased connectivity speed the extension distances of the USB peripherals are greatly limited in standard form. Icron´s propriotary technology, the ExtremeUSB, can be used in most applications where USB devices are required to be more than 5 meters away from a host computer.

The Universal Serial Bus technology has explotionally penetrated the computer device market, and there is more and more applications where the USB is the connection technology of the choice. Applications where USB extension technology can be beneficial are for example remote desktops, keyboard/video/mouse(KVM) extensions, security and surveillance, professional audio/video, point-of-sale (POS), industrial control, medical devices and enterprise computing.

Few useful bits of information about USB; a single system (CPU) can support maximum 127 USB devices; Using USB HUB behind a extender cuts extension distance by 10 meters; that due to, (the challenge of USB), is the response time from the USB device to the system - Latter not being a limitation when Icron USB extender with built-in hub is used (4-port models).

There are 3 types of USB extenders; USB-HID, USB1.1 and USB2.0; Note that most KVM-USB extenders have a USB-HID ports only, meaning that the HID-Human Interface Devices can only be extended. This is on one hand a security feature, as the KVM-USB port can't be used for unauthorized data download; and a limitation on the other hand, as the USB Devices need to be separately extended. And that is where Icron solutions come to play.





Spectra USB3.0 & EL5100 KVM

Locating a USB device within office surroundings has being difficult enough, due to the strong limitations of the USB standard. The locating is much more challenging with systems where the natural application environment is not stationary, or needs to be changed on frequent basis.

Icron EL5100 KVM extender a new approach to connectivity on KVM systems. Icron EL5100 fills a void between USB-HID and USB2.0 extenders; Unit supports USB 1.1. std and slow/mid speed USB 2.0 connected devices; like KB's, pointing devices card readers, USB2.0 touchscreens, USB2.0 printers, Flash-disks and memory sticks.

EL5100 extends USB2.0 signal and additionally Full-HD [1920 x 1200] DVI-D  [ DVI connectors ] display data as well as analog audio via one CATx cable upto 100m.

Also available a longer distance EL3500 model [ 500m via 1 CATx cable ] ja IP [point-to-point] extender EL4500; both with USB 2.0, DVI-D [1680x1050] and Audio -connections.





Wired USB2.0-extension, Fiber/CATx

USB 2.0 is the modern, fast, USB connection type, utilized in most peripherals nowdays. When a scanner, printer, most memory devices need to be extended , then the USB 2.0 is the right solution. Should you wish to extend a keyboard/mouse (HID-device) of old slow USB port; the you can also use a USB 1.1 extender, described below.

When USB line needs to be extended from location to the next thru walls or floors, a natural solution a wired USB extender system. Available in Copper based Coax (CATx) cabling or Light based Fiber optical cabling, Icron has fitting solutions to the both application types.

2204/2212 are the CATx and the 2244/2224 a Fiber optical extenders for USB 2.0 extensions.





Wired USB1.1-extension, Fiber/CATx

USB 1.0 and 1.1 are the old types of slow USB extensions, limited in it's usage either to old USB peripherals, or HIB (Human Interface Device) like keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

Specially in Factory applications there is often a need to use the cable ways made for high voltage electrical cabling. In these cases copper based solutions can't provide a reliable operation quality, and a Fiber based solutions must be used. While based in extension thru light beam, the fiber optical extension is not only free of EM-field disturbances, but offers also a high data security and a solution for Ex-classified surroundings.




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